It is your own fault…

Now I’m not going to pretend I’m some millennial SJW and demand you pay more taxes or some crap like that. I say it is “your own fault” meaning that world peace is something that would take 99.99999% of people being good to achieve a lasting peace. It also doesn’t start with some grand UN doctrine or a destruction of all world militaries. It starts on the side of the road just a minute from your house.

I live on Long Island and as many of you know the whole Northeastern region was hit with a fair sized snow storm. Roughly a foot where I live. However it came with a lot of ice. and with that the plows could only do so much and so cars were getting stuck for about three days. Most people spun there wheels until they got lucky and hit some pavement others just had to dig out what they could with what they had. Around here there’s no road that doesn’t have at least a dozen cars a minute passing by during the day time. And I admit I didn’t always stop to help. After all, we all have times where we really need to get moving and that is okay. However, a few times I did. but no matter what i always felt wrong each time I rolled past someone else i felt so wrong. It was as though I was ignoring a part of myself.

This all occurred to me tonight while I was driving home. I was feeling sad and wanted to change it and i just told myself that the first pair of hazards I saw I’d stop and help. I didn’t. It was three grown men and honestly what good could I do right? Well i believe in God and tonight as fate would have it i bought a Johnny Cash album and pulled off on at a rest stop so I could download it over WiFi. it was going to take like five minutes so I also went in to buy a bag of chips. Now here’s the fate part. When I rolled in to the station two women and a man were trying to change a tire and struggling. I walked inside and bought my chips and began to walk back to my car. I was in there for maybe five minutes and when i came out it looked like they’d given up so I walked over to lend a hand. As luck would have it the bolts lug nuts were too tight and with a bit of hard work i was able to pop all six so we could get them off.

I waited to make sure the other gentleman finished the job and I left. I felt really good leaving. Not because of some holy-art-though b.s but because i just like helping people. It’s what makes me happy. I have to believe that the sliver of happiness I experienced was sent from God. I love helping people with anything and I know it changes lives. I also coach a basketball team and one of the players I’ve had for two years now and he asked me specifically to coach him again this year. I was happy to do so because I enjoyed coaching him the year before and after watching him play this year i can see how much hes improved. It’s more important to me that these kids have something to work for than anything else.

This article jumps around a bit but I know how to offer a summary. Making peace with the world happens from person to person. It comes when you give up twenty minutes from your night to help strangers or two hours a week to try to give a few kids a goal in life. You change just one person at time and hope it branches out. The saying goes that society blossoms when an old man plants a tree who’s shade he’ll never know. I’ll never see the women that I helped tonight ever again and eventually the kids I’m coaching now will grow up and they’ll be gone too. I just hope that one day they will become coaches to their own children or that those women will help someone else in need. Its a long shot but if everyone went out tomorrow and did one nice thing for a total stranger the world would be complete. We would see this idea of peace we all talk about so much realized in an instant.

Peace doesn’t mean an end of suffering or bad things. It means that when the bad things do happen we can fix it quicker. When we loose something we can all come together to help those who lost. Society has a natural tendency to rise to the occasional. In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks suicide rates dropped to record lows. Volunteering near the affected site went up. People who were there that day ran to help their those around them. For a brief moment in history we all came together and became one solid unit. We can do this again and it shouldn’t take a national tragedy to get us there. We can do it together a little bit at a time.