I do admit there was a time I didn’t understand this. As well it is impossible to make a factual argument on this. You are either for it or against it. My hope is to shift your opinion (or fasten it) in favor of the electoral college. You can refute my argument it is my opinion. There are just as many sane arguments against it as there are for it. here is mine:

It represent states not necessarily people…

Okay so to start off for those of you who do not know electoral vote do not have a set standard across the country. Meaning that in New York there are roughly 634,000 citizens per each electoral vote given to the state. However, take Wyoming and you’ll find that there are are only about 195,000 citizens per each electoral votes. Now I’m no mathematician but by my math that represent roughly a 69% difference in electoral votes per citizen. On the surface anyone would say that it is purely insane to have a system that so drastically gives different values to each vote.

I agree on first glance. A 69% difference between how much my vote matters versus someone in Wyoming is insane. Now I have to give you my rationale on how I can possibly justify this. Here we go. So say your in Wyoming and you need a job. Odds are its not going to as an executive or even an office employee. Your best chance is going to be in blue collar work. Therefor when you go to vote you will vote for someone looking to expand blue collar work and look out for your rights. People in New York will look to vote for white collar issues as they are the home of wall street and it is a major part of their economy. So why don’t we just allow larger states to get what they want because more people live their? Well look at it like this picture a great building with 50 pillars holding it up. Each pillar unique in its construction and material. Now if we focused only on the widest say 5 pillars and chose only to sustain these 5 pillars it is likely the whole building would fall. They may be wide but they cannot make up for the other 45 pillars. It is the same for the country. We allow the smaller states just as much attention because they hold this country up just as well. Each time one pillar crumbles the weight on the rest becomes more. Therefor it is better to give each pillar attention and allow a small crack or two to form on the biggest pillars. It won’t kill them.

If the Wyoming state economy crumbled because the laws predominantly favored white collar work and increased regulation on blue collar work then New York would end up paying for Wyoming’s recovery via federal taxes. So in an effort to head this issue off the founding fathers wanted to balance out the lawmaking process as much as possible thus birthing the electoral college. By allowing the people in Wyoming to have more weight per a vote they get an equal chance to protect their way of life.

I’ll wrap this up in saying that having this systems means that just because there are a lot of people who want to be on the football team doesn’t meant that there aren’t still those who want to play basketball and they deserve the chance to defend their own. They don’t need as much as football might but they need something.