Okay so this is my first post an essentially I’d like to explain why I’m doing this all of maybe 2 people that may stubble upon this page. For starters a little about myself…


I’m a 20-year-old man living on long island in New York. I like to talk about things a lot. Politics, relationships, personal hobbies, technology, etc. I mean honestly it’s not uncommon for me and my brother to run off on a tangent conversation simply because someone mentioned Japan. Somehow we hear that and go from talking about modern Japanese politics to what would have if there were a nuclear war. These conversations are sometimes battles to put it slightly. We are aspiring philosophers in a sense. Always looking to evolve our own knowledge and seek out new material. That is one very important thing to know because I can guarantee you that there will be at least one article that starts at A and end with 5. I only promise that I will try to swing all back together at the end to make sense of it all. I will never become so detached from the topic that it won’t make sense, that too I promise.

More about me personally, another reason I decided to give this a whirl is because I have been suffering from insomnia for a while now and just about every online forum and yahoo answers helper has suggested that my mind essentially has a cold. I’m stuffed up with thoughts and concerns. I’m hoping to be able to change that. Perhaps if I just type away my thoughts I will feel more at peace. Let’s all face it writing on Facebook doesn’t work anymore because if its politics you have that one friend who must explain why you are wrong and if it feelings you get the barrage of “be brave, you can do it blahblahblah”. Sometimes I need to just be said. Sometimes I just need to share an opinion. other times I’ll want feedback and do you dear, presumably only reader, when that time comes I’ll set up an email to be written too. Hell, I’ll you what the moment an entry get 5 views ill publish a contact email. lol

Lastly I feel the compulsion to warn you that I conservative in many ways. Although overall I align more with likely a libertarian I just don’t care as much about the social issues plaguing our country. I’d rather talk about healthcare and fiscal policy rather than homosexuality and transgenderism. Which is not to say you want catch an article our two those issues. However, are as far as how I vote those issues are relatively benign. Although with all of the political turmoil lately such things have become such major issues to some that one has not choice to engage in conversations about these topics.

I will talk about my education eventually but truly what does it matter? If I were to tell you I went to Harvard U. v. if I were a high-school dropout would it truly change my words? I’d like to leave that all to mystery for now so that you can get to know me on your own in that manner. If you will, Judge me by the content of my character and not all of the background B.S. I’m also not sure if this site forbids crude language so I’ll try to avoid it to be safe but so help me get my gears grinding and my fingers flying and who know what will come out on this screen.

I have saved this most importantly thing about myself for last. I am a family/community man. I coach a youth basketball team of mostly 7-9 year olds kids and I’m related to none of them. I played in this local league since I was their age and lately parent participation has been steadily decreasing so my league has had to put kids on waiting list because we cannot get enough volunteers. I couldn’t stand idly by so I started coaching just a few years after my older brother started coaching for the same reasons. I also volunteer as much as I can with my youngest brother’s school PTA. Again not a parent just shocked with the fine quality of parent showing up to help these days. My mom is on the PTA board and she was president of the it when me and my oldest brother were there. Participation is literally 20% of what it was. I don’t blame this entirely on parents as I know there is very different economic climate but 2-3 hours a school year just one night a year would even get you and E for effort. I’m also in a dedicated relationship with a beautiful and lovely young lady who is always on my mind and influencing what I say and do. I have 3 brother ages 10, 17, and 23 making me the true middle child and having two babies in the family. If you ask me the 17-year-old never got the full middle child experience. If you’re a middle child you know what I mean. The pants aren’t new and the hole in them just isn’t big enough to bother fixing just yet. Ha-ha! My parents have been together for 28 years and were married right out high school and in my opinion they’re a shining example of what true love and happy marriage should be. My father owns his own company and it is a family business. I work there, my older brother, works there, the little one does homework there on occasion my mom is in the office part time, and if the 17-year-old was playing so many different instrument and playing in 4 different band I’d bet he’d be working there too.

So all that is to kind of give you heads up. I will post when the wind blows. Maybe I’ll read an inspiring quote or learn something new. Perhaps we’ll have some form of breaking news or something old left unsaid. I’m not afraid to touch on relationship issues that I’m having with those in my life and perhaps one day ask you about yours. Some articles will be short and snappy a page or two others will be like this. It’s up to you read what you will if there’s something I feel is highly important to me you’ll know.

Thank internet that probably won’t ever see this I leave it to you now. To judge my work and reflect on it for your own.